Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

"No One Should Be Hungry"

Dear Tony,

The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is grateful to you and Lawrence Subaru for your generous donation in conjunction with the Subaru/Feeding America Love Promise Campaign. Thank you for coming through when we needed you the most - especially with your additional gift of 30,000 meals.

We are currently providing food to more than 200,000 people a month, up from 135,000 prior to COVID-19. We know that due to unemployment, people who previously needed our help continue to need more of it now, and we are also serving individuals and families who have never needed food assistance before this pandemic.

The spring is providing us all with a sense of hope, however, those who have struggled the most during this pandemic will be the last to get back on their feet. The need among the most vulnerable communities will continue in the year ahead. Because of your generosity, we will remain focused in our work to ensure no one is hungry.

If you have any questions about our current efforts and response to this crisis, please contact Jennifer Kern at 717-564-6344 or jkern@centralpafoodbank.org.

Yours in service,

Joe Arthur
Executive Director