Make-A-Wish 2021

"Once again, despite challenges getting inventory in 2021, you have outdone yourselves and managed to raise an outstanding amount to support our mission here at Make-A-Wish. Together, we create life-changing wishes for children critical illnesses." 

"Your team is always so warm and welcoming to our wish families over the years, and we see that you treat your customers like family. You are always so willing to help support our mission and we are grateful for your partnership with Make-A-Wish and the entire community." 

-Ann Waltman
Make-A-Wish, Senior Director

Lawrence Subaru Team 2021

Here at Lawrence Subaru in 2021, we were honored to donate a total of $17,758.33, as a result of our teams efforts and everyone's help along the way. Which brings the total that Lawrence Subaru has raised in the last six years to nearly $120,000 to wishes.

"One Wish At A Time"

A wish inspires hope, renews joy and gives a child a piece of their childhood back. Children who have wishes granted can build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight a critical illness. Your support of Make-A-Wish unites families in life-changing moments that help them cope and grow stronger. There are few experiences more powerful than making a wish come true.

Through our partnership, you've helped raise more than $2.8 m - uniting Subaru drivers and employees in the Make-A-Wish mission and bringing communities closer together. Thank you for making more wishes possible for children with critical illnesses.

We Can't THANK YOU Enough!

We are so very grateful to the Lawrence Subaru team!

Since 2016, they have chosen us as their Hometown Charity and each year they go above and beyond. This year's gift of $21,200 is greatly appreciated during these challenging times and makes their total donations raised over the years, a super impressive $100,016.

Their entire team, led by Tony, Maria, and Lori, are warm and welcoming and they love to roll the red carpet out for our wish kids, as they do for all their customers. Although we couldn't have our normal Wish Celebration at their dealership in 2020 due to the pandemic, the Lawrence Subaru team still excelled and raised much-needed funds for our wishes happening now.

We thank the Lawrence Subaru team again for creating hope for our wish kids. Because of your efforts, children just like Suzy can experience the life-changing impact of a wish.
Dear Lori, Maria, Tony and team,

Wow! Even during a pandemic, you hit it out of the park!! On behalf of Make-A-Wish Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia, I would like to thank all of you at Lawrence Subaru for the most generous donation of $21,200, which you presented to me on April 16, 2021. I understand that this gift represents the proceeds from the Share the Love campaign which was held in November of 2020 through the beginning of January 2021. As always, due to your connection with the Truck Convoy for Wishes event, which is organized by Sherri Keller, these proceeds will be included under the total for that event and we remain so very grateful to you for your longtime support of our mission here at Make-A-Wish. As required by the Internal Revenue Service, we confirm that you received no goods or services in exchange for this contribution. I have enclosed a 2020 date plate for you to add to your Wishmaker plaque.

Maria, Tony, Lori, and team-we appreciate your hard work over the past year and realize that this gift is amazing anytime but considering the state of the world with the Coronavirus, you truly made miracles happen. I continue to be so grateful for our partnership with your team at Lawrence Subaru. Hopefully, we can get back to normal this December and host our wish kids and their families at your dealership once again for a huge Wish Celebration.

We are so humbled by our wish children as they navigate their way through a critical illness with such bravado and courage. It strengthens our resolve to grant their heartfelt wish that meets all expectations, and it thrills us to reach even higher and throw in a surprise or two along the way.

Warm, sunny days never go unnoticed by wish kid, Ellie. Ellie is a 14 year-old girl who would rather be outside in the sunshine and fresh air than almost anywhere else. Ellie's medical condition makes it impossible for her to travel at this time, so she decided that the next best thing was to transform her backyard into a soothing oasis where she can hang out with friends and dare to dream of the future. Following all COVID distancing guidelines, we met with Ellie and her family to explore the many possibilities available to her. The most important part of this transformation for Ellie was having enough space to host her girlfriends for a 'girls and s'mores night.' This had been a frequent activity for Ellie and her friends for a long time, and then they experienced the isolation of 2020. So, for Ellie, this would be her way of saying, "Hey world! I'm back, I'm going to get better, and I'm going to do it my way."

We had great fun listening to Ellie's ideas. She wanted comfy chairs, a canvas awning for rainy days, patio stones so her feet would stay dry, and a tree swing for outdoor dreaming. We certainly were up for the task. We provided everything she asked for, and more. We included a portable fire pit to prepare those yummy s'mores, fancy dishes and skewers for serving, and tiki torches for days that turned into moonlit nights.

We know we exceeded Ellie's expectations because the day she came home to find her transformed outdoor space, her eyes were as big as the shining moon and as bright as the stars. Her friends were hiding behind the trees anxiously waiting for the cue to surprise her.

It was a night like no other. We know that Ellie will have years of fun times as she remembers this day with hope for the future and first-hand knowledge that wishes really do come true.


Ann Waltman
Regional Director